Character Concepts for “Wizards of Mu”


These are some character concepts I had made for the Cursed Fortress Dungeon. I had a lot of fun making them and playing this dungeon, too bad the mechanics just don’t work unless you have like 12 pages of paper and a couple hours of free time to finish each battle… Really gotta work on those mechanics…

Dungeon Concept for “Wizards of Mu”


For a while I was working on a board game called Wizards of Mu. I guess I’ll revisit it when I get a chance, because I was really excited about it for a while.


The idea behind this dungeon system was that you would land on a dungeon on the world map with a character or an army or something and draw a random dungeon from a deck of cards. There was then corresponding hex tiles that represented each level of the dungeon. The player would traverse through, battling monsters and collecting loot and at the end would usually be a “Boss” and sometimes even a quest item. It was really complex and as I later learned it was way to laborious for comfortable game play.